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Meet Our Awesome Designers

Meet Our Awesome Designers

Gino Lemson

Born in 1972 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Gino Lemson is the co-founder of Kubikoff Italy. In earlier days when Gino opened his furniture company, Nuevo, his design ‘Piaceri” model seating became a best seller in short time. Gino went on to develop several new designs for upholstered products for Nuevo and worked with designers such as Hans Kolpa. In 2004, Gino and Matthieu founded Kubikoff srl and released the first design under the brand, the ‘Kubo'.

Check out Gino Lemson Collection

Jutta Fiedrichs

German-born, this brilliant designer earned her BA in Product Design from Central Saint Martins Collage of Art and Design, London and then went onto Harvard Graduate School of Design where she earned her Masters degree in Design Studies in 2012.  In Design as in life, the multi-linguist draws inspiration from around the world through her extensive travels, which has taken her to 37 countries so far.

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Sander Mulder

His successful graduation from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2002, resulted in the start-up of his own design studio.Always seeking new challenges and inspirations he has since then steadily been working on a diverse portfolio containing lighting, furniture and interior designs for international clients and his own collection. The resulting work is a combination of strong lines and subtle details with innovative techniques and bold statements, often questioning archetypes and their interpretations by mankind.

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Ruud Bos

“I started in 1993 with designing chairs for the contract market. My specialty is to approach the design from the manufacturing point of view. This was achieved without losing sight on the good design of the product. The challenge in designing the Angel chair for Kubikoff was to create a low cost chair with a high-end design value. By introducing the new Angel chair, I think we have succeed in making good design more accessible for a wider range of people.”

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Alp Nuhoglu

He studied Industrial Product Design at Mimar Sinan University and established DOR, a modern furniture design company, in 1988. He has been a Designer and the Design Director at B&T Design since 2000.

Check out Alp Nuhoglu Collection

B&T Design Team

B&T Design Team

The B&T Design Team started with an idea that was not inhibited by reality and we grew through our ability to balance creativity and commercial viability. An open minded approach to various design challenges results in enhanced creativity and the generation of meaning and beauty through design. Our business is based on simple business principles and relies greatly on team work. We value efficiency, friendliness, thoroughness, dedication, perseverance, honesty, ownership and a willingness to learn amongst our staff and management.

Check out B&T Design Team Collection

Tanju Ozelgin

Turkish-born modern furniture designer Tanju Ozelgin began his creative career at Marmara University in Istanbul where he graduated from the Department of Industrial Products Design. In 1987, he started his first design company, Office Scala Design. Almost ten years later, Tanju was discovered by Erte Binme who encouraged him to focus on industrial designs and architectural products. Since 2005, Tanju has been designing modern furniture and works as an interior designer of contemporary and modern spaces under his brand, TO His collaboration with B&T Design inspired him to create unique and timeless modern furniture pieces such as the Spirit Chair, Durgo Sofa and Seri Table.

Check out Tanju Ozelgin Collection

Stolt Design

This Norway-based trio of young, open-minded designers established Stolt Design after graduating from Akershus University's Product Design department. Their style in modern furniture design is to approach each project with a distinct problem-solving mindset. The mission is to design long-lasting products boasting quality, functionality and high user value. Through Stolt Design, they promote collaboration with one another for generating unique ideas and quality assurance on all of their designs.

Check out Stolt Design Collection

Kubikoff Lab

With international spirit and Italian labor in mind, Kubikoff Lab is a creative department where designers constantly produce new ideas and designs and live by their internationality, technology, flexibility, and modularity in their modern designs.

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